The truth of identity

Into the Tamarama Ocean
(Image credit: Wyncliffe @ Flickr)

I am not a number, but a sum —
a complex equation.
I am the Drake equation:
potential in my vast creation,
nimbleness of cognitive fingers,


Not a number, but a constant —
an infinite ratio.
I am the golden mean:
hand to the arm as sea to sky,
nautiloid mind in a swirling Universe,


Not a number, but a force.
I am Moore’s Law:
new landscapes litter my wake
as I grow over time;


I am the wave and the ocean.


    • Thanks!

      Geez, I was trying to find a picture for the Daily Haiku when this piece popped into my head, and I had to suddenly switch gears and start writing this whilst cutting Bobcat bucket wraps the whole time; I feel like it came off a little bit half-cocked, but like I recently told the Culture Monk, at the end of the post I gotta be able to live with what’s on the page!

      So yeah, I will humbly take “awesome”. 🙂

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