Daily Haiku 2014.05.07 (with a note on yesterday’s haiku hooky) —

Holly Blue (Celastrina Argiolus Britanna), spring brood male. Underwing.
(Image credit: hoppy1951 @ Flickr)

sheer power—
butterfly here,
whirlwind there


Listen here.

Some may have noticed that I didn’t post a daily haiku yesterday. In all the hustle and flow of life, I’m losing my writing time; I can’t take time to craft something, unfortunately, so I have to pants my way through blogging for a while — but I’m not going to publish a lot of garbage.

Now an opportunity appears to be rising for me. I’ve felt it coming for a few days now; I get this malaisy feeling that in my younger days I used to mistake for depression. I get restless, impatient, angry . . . emotional. It’s change on the wind and I’m smelling it coming.

Change is a big deal, it can sweep you off your feet and do you good or ill — but I will be the first to admit that I don’t take sudden changes very well; I hate a last-minute change in plans or any change to the comfortable routine, unless I know it’s coming. But I have to be flexible and loose, especially this time; you see, I caught wind of the change a few days ago, but the curiosity soon faded into the background. Then yesterday I got an email. I won’t discuss the nature of this missive because I don’t want to jinx it, but it has the potential to solve some of the issues that I’ve written about before; both in regard to finding time to read and write, and to spending time with my family and helping it to grow.

That being said, I must tread lightly, and approach each step with optimistic and enthusiastic caution, for every change in my life is meaningless until I have made my reaction to it; will the resolution bode well or ill for my life, and those of my wife, daughter, and future children? Time will reveal all in due course, so stay tuned. As the road unfurls before me I will keep you up to date, thus remaining ever the intrepid yet sometimes terribly mundane adventure blogger,

Surfer Rob


  1. Rob —- quality is always better over quality —- always. And you put effort into all of your writings and posts — so when you need to sit back and work out scheduling and life lessons and plans — you do it. No questions asked. No apologizes necessary.

    Since you know yourself – and have to deal with potential and real-time issues – and change — with my sincerest and positive energies being sent to you for the best of outcomes —- then you do what *you* need to do to take the best care of yourself and your family.

    So chill — ride the ways(?hmmm) — waves – and find your space and time. As always, we will be around.

  2. Ooh… =) Sounds like the winds of change have indeed blown your way, and may be carrying some of that fairy dust magic…

    Waiting with bated breath here… which incidentally always reminds me of Opus, and his “bait-ed breath… =)

    Good luck in all your endeavors and let us know when the time is right, for now I will put a bottle of bubbly in the cooler… =)

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