Daily Haiku 2014.06.17 —

The end
(Image credit: Luc Lagasquie)


forward life —
toward lighted ends
on restless rails


Today’s been totally Tuesday for me. I have been lacking focus and purpose in my endeavors. I know part of it is due to the fact that I’m training one of my coworkers to operate my machine in my absence, and I’ve been given three days to do so; in my opinion, three days is an inadequate amount of time in which to do so, and so I spend a lot of time just trying to cover the basics.

Oh well. It’s not long now until the Summer Surf Adventure begins. Stay tuned. 🙂


  1. Ahhh what am I going to do without you when you and the family Ross are awandering. I shall be lonely lol
    I’ve been having to train too, it’s weird isn’t it. You forget all the little things, because they have just become second nature lol

  2. You are right, 3 days seems like a really short time to impart your years of wisdom to someone else ! =

    I am so wicked excited for you guys, hitting the waves and enjoying a road trip ! =) My foxling wants to know if you’ll put the baby on a boogie board ?! =) =)

    Have fun, happy days to you three ! =)

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