Daily Haiku 2014.06.19 —

(Image: Slow Motion by Eric Wüstenhagen)


begins with a drive —




Today was the day. Yesterday I left work knowing full well that I wouldn’t be back until July 7th, and boy did that feel awesome. This morning we got the car packed, the house secured, and after about half a dozen false starts, we were on our way.

This is day one of the Clan Ross Summer Surf Adventure, and I am so stoked. I get to spend over two weeks with my family on a three-day drive to the Pacific coast. We’re scouring Seattle; surfing in Seaside, Oregon; and poring over Portland before coming back to our regularly scheduled programming.

You don’t have to ask why people want to get away from life for a little while; most understand. Still, this trip is about more than taking time off of work and responsibility. Forget for a moment about the things we’re looking forward to and let me tell you some of the astounding things that were accomplished just to ensure that we were able to embark upon this mission: I saved a lot of money over time, by putting cash in a box. Seriously, a lot. I could have bought a car with that money.

Okay, a used car. Still.

A few months ago I laid out to Mme. Ross both the idea and the fact that I already had nearly two grand saved; adult beverages hold no secrets sacred, after all. She immediately took control of the central planning role and thus was born an imperative: Clanifest Destiny.

So I think I pulled off the financing, and I’m fairly certain that Mme. Ross has pulled off the planning. Now we’re doing it. We stopped in Dickinson, ND to get Thai food for lunch. We took family photos at the Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and we landed for the night in a Montana ski resort town called Red Lodge.

We have a lot of driving tomorrow. Today I was able to get through a lot of my blog reading backlog. Tomorrow, who knows?

Wanna see a few photos from today’s adventures? Check them out on my Tumblr.

This is us, living our adventure. 🙂


  1. OOH !!!!! Crazy happy for you all, have a blast, and cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the water… ! =) Take time to do the Fish Market and the Needle if you can, terribly touristy, but oddly comforting and way cool, as well. Great photo ops at both places. =)

    Have the best time of your life, and again, so very happy for you all ! =)

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