Daily Tanka 2014.06.20

Image credit: Rob Ross

I mountain,
pushing ever up —
a giant
reaching for that dream
carries us farther


Today’s drive toward the Pacific coast took place inside the state of Montana, where no view exists without misty, titanic mountains looming in the backdrop; I nearly went into mountain shock.

Still, the feeling grew all day as we climbed to higher elevations and I couldn’t help but wonder: if Mme. Ross and I can accomplish this, can’t we do anything we want to?

I’m starting to believe it.

Want to see some pictures? Check them out on my Tumblr.

The end of today’s leg finds us in Missoula, Montana. Our lodging is a stark contrast to last night; they advertise online that they have all these amenities: pool, exercise facility, free wifi, continental breakfast — all of these things were delivered with much to be desired. The exercise equipment was old and barely functional, the wifi nonexistent, the breakfast an assortment of pre-packaged carbs with nary a hint of fresh fruit nor protein. The place we’re at tonight, however, was a surprise. They put us in an upgraded suite at a discount, I suspect, in order to fill the vacancy. It’s open and beautiful, and the exercise facility is right across from our door.

And tomorrow morning they’ll be serving a hot breakfast in the Clark room downstairs. Eggs and bacon.

I do believe I’m being spoiled, but the ocean still calls; she pulls at my blood and bones like the Moon pulls at the ocean, the Earth the Moon, the Sun the Earth, and so on. As above, so below.

And so it goes.


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