What if I could move in next to Jimi Hendrix?

Okay, What if ?

Today Clan Ross spent a full day in Seattle, Washington. We had a great day poring through the Pike Place market, checking out the sights, and of course I took a lot of pictures. Afterward, we headed back to our hotel in Renton, where Mme. Ross went to technical school and on the way we visited a very special place.

James Marshall Hendrix, a.k.a. “Jimi” Hendrix, has been a music icon for decades. He needs no introduction, but in order to caption some of the photos that I uploaded to Flickr, I had to do some research in the world of Wikipedia, the bane of school teachers everywhere.

Did you know that Jimi’s name was James Marshall? I bet a ton of people know that.

Did you know his original given name was Johnny Allen Hendrix? Neither did I. It turns out that his parents changed his name when he…

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  1. Hey Rob! Sorry I haven’t been keeping up more here. If you’d been just a few hours further east, I’d be sorely tempted to come meet up.

    • I hear you! Our two days in Seattle were so action packed I had to even choose not to contact a couple of friends from high school who live out there, and then when they found out we had been there they were quite upset. I feel guilty about that.

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