Daily Haiku 2014.06.24 —

(Image credit: Rob Ross)

this creature
hidden in plain view —
our mother
the original colossus
bears all into liberty.



Silly Flickr, they keep changing the way things work. It took me longer than it should have to figure out how to get the image I wanted, hence the late post!

Right now I’m sitting in our rental unit in Seaside, Oregon. We spent our time in Seattle in the rush and tumble of big city life — the Pike Place Market, Lake Washington, the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum, and we even visited the Jimi Hendrix grave site memorial. We had a great time there, and we even managed a visit to IKEA. Yesterday morning we packed up the SurfMobile and set off for Mount Rainier, with the intent of stopping at Paradise, Washington inside Mt. Rainier National Park.

Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t blow up my phone or Mme. Ross’ camera. The scenery is top-notch. The views are stunning. The cameras don’t do it justice, I’m afraid, but I’m learning how to use the camera app on my iPhone to my best advantage; I mean, it’s a pain to upload photos to Flickr ten at a time, but it’s ultimately worth the effort to have them show up with the cropping and auto-enhance intact.

Last night we pulled into the Hillcrest Inn in Seaside, Oregon and landed this rental unit — essentially, a small apartment — for less than some little hotel rooms. The proprietors (I think their names are Ruth and Don) were so kind and accomodating, and after sleeping off the 3,000 foot descent from Mt. Rainier I have a feeling that the next four days will be quite restorative.

Oh yeah, and I have my surfing lesson scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Pacific time. I’m stoked. Nervous. Kind of scared. It’s a cloudy day and a tad chilly at sixty-two degrees, but this morning I touched the edge of the world and watched the waves rolling in. I experienced it firsthand.

I’m living the dream.


Wanna see some pictures? There’s a lot of them!

Photos from the drive to Oregon

Photos from Mt. Rainier

Photos from The Experience Music Project

Photos from the Pike Place Market

Photos from around Seattle



  1. Awesome awesome awesome!

    I’m so glad that you and the Ross clan have arrived and are enjoying all that there is to see and do. What a great place and space to be.

    Enjoy! And yeah, keep playing with the photos – I don’t have enough time to check it all out right now, but I will be doing so soon!

    And yeah, surf’s up —- I’m sure all will be great —- just take it in stride – er … wave.

    Can’t wait for more updates ๐Ÿ™‚

      • thanks Rob — I have made the post about the new blog space – on the old space — so I’ll try to find a post or something or whatever to email you the new stuff — of just pop by (post vacation) follow the directions.

        And yeah. keep on having such a great time. I’m loving it!

  2. Great adventure and great snaps… my foxling said ti is almost like being there, your photos tell such a story ! =)

    Enjoy your insanely awesome adventure, Rob ! =)

    Hope you enjoyed your surf lesson… gotta love that chilly water ! =)

  3. Silly Flickr, they keep changing the way things work. It took me longer than it should have to figure out how to get the image I wanted, hence the late post!

    Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer seems determined to make Flickr a competitor to Instagram, and this has driven all the GUI changes, to make it more accessible to mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) users. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but it is VERY disorienting to veteran users. Quite a few features still remain but are much more hidden now.

      • We’re not, Rob… it’s that firewall of tech silence, if you know what I mean, where tech companies say next to nothing unless you can manage to contact someone directly.

        My father-in-law and many users I follow really do NOT like these new changes.

        A blogger I know from the old VOX platform was more brusque about it: she says Meyer is typical of the tech elite that are invading the Bay area and that are incredibly condescending. Meyer made some very ill-chosen statements… I’d try to paraphrase but it’s probably better if you can find them yourself. They are concerning the end of Flickr Pro and comments about non-mobile photography in regards to it.

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