Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Self-Portrait

I’ll make this quick: my best blog bud The Indecisive Eejit and her blog bud Mental Mama have come together to create a neat challenge called the Cartoon Craziness Challenge. This week’s theme is “self-portrait”.

This is pretty much the first thing I thought of when I thought of drawing a self-portrait, with a little improv thrown in:

Image credit: “Self-Portrait: Circle of Life” by Rob Ross


  1. I love this! Is there anything you are not good at ffs lol That little picture is just so you and everything is drawn with precision. If you were not my best blog bud, I would be very jealous of you! 😛

  2. Great post to the challenge!

    I love it — this is such a cool way to make a post — at least, for those who are skilled – clearly you have technical drawing/drafting skills in your bag of tricks — but even if it was a scribbled doodle, I’m sure it would be awesome!

    Amazing — every image tells a story 😉

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