Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Kids and Pets — Klag’s School Picture

To catch up on the Cartoon Craziness Challenge, this week’s prompt is “kids and pets”. Again, I knew exactly what I wanted when I read it:

Maybe you can tell we’ve been watching some Star Trek lately; although I have to say the new depiction of Klingon warriors in the reboot movies is very cool with their plate armor, medieval-style helmets, and capes; I still envision them by force of habit in the armor and style of dress they brought to the screen beginning with Star Trek III: The Search for Spock all the way through to the end of Enterprise.

I was going to create a landscape background of a desert with vertical rock formations, but I got so exasperated trying to draw the stupid dog that I just decided to call it good and move on with my life. This picture is not as cute or gruesome as I imagined it in my head, but I suppose that’s where “room for improvement” lives.



  1. I wouldn’t mind a pair of those boots, they’d be rather good for giving those that need it a good boot in the hole.
    I love this, some talent you have sunshine, I’m glad we’re getting to see it 🙂

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