Daily Tanka 2014.08.08 —

(Image credit: sandcastlematt)

on the shore,
from the very earth —
arise, man

scale to your birthright
alongside the Sun



Another busy week down. I’ve realized that working the lasers leave me little time in between to blog or write or do anything; regardless, I’m not complaining. I’m intense. I’m working like crazy, and I’m developing an internal ferocity that is beginning to find its footing in my demeanor.

In its surgical application, I’m developing the art of the even hand.

What does that mean? As ever, I’m growing, but now I’m all triangles — a structure so strong I feel like I could carry the world on my back, a modern Atlas. I hold up under strain, and I find that I’m also pushing back and gaining ground slowly but surely. I constantly remind myself that gregarious and aggressive are two different things, but while I find myself dancing the line, I never cross it because I don’t have to.

I wonder whether it’s the pace of work and the way I breeze through the week as though it’s nothing, or the testosterone boost I’m getting from the extra twenty-five pounds of muscle (Hell, I hope it’s all muscle) I’ve packed on since I changed my fitness philosophy — originally for parkour, then for surfing, and now for . . .

Well, I should probably admit that for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a superhero; but maybe what I’m becoming is more of a  leader. I suppose time will tell!

Anyway, I’m doing the best that I can here. Carlos (my fictitiously-named trainee on the plasma punch) was out fishing today, so I got a chance to catch up on some of my mutual readers’ blogs. I’ll keep plugging away at the rest of my buds before moving on to others, if I find the time for them.

No big goals lie ahead for the moment; I’m just living the adventure laid out for me.

Burning brightly, a Robert in truth.



  1. Well, as long as you are finding the balance – super laser dude, then it’s all good.

    And, like much of everything, as things change and we grow, priorities shift too — so see ya when we can, eh?

  2. Hey, somebody built me a house on the beach… ! =) Pure paradise this one, Rob. I will admit to staring and dreaming for a few minutes before reading. =)

    Wow, sounds like you are in a season of transformation… AMAZING the muscle gain ! =) =) Your lasers sound so cool, precision and focus… I would love that. =)

    So happy that you are loving the new responsibility and you have a chance to stretch your wings. =) Your pro-b Carlos sounds like he is getting along just fine as well, which I am sure makes your life a bit easier. =) Doncha just love it when a plan comes together ?! =) =)

    Have a great weekend with your darling ladies, Rob, and congrats on all the new directions your life is taking… such fun ! =)

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