Daily Tanka 2014.10.31 —

(Image credit: October Leaves by Dane Vandeputte)
(Image credit: October Leaves by Dane Vandeputte)


“trick or treat”
sloughed off mortal coils —
empty threats
like waxing winter:
hero’s quest for Spring


Here it is: Autumn, and the flagship holiday of its introduction is Halloween. I knew it this morning as I set out on a run in eighteen-degree pre-dawn darkness. It was the first morning so cold that I felt compelled to warm up my car before leaving to work. It was cold enough that the frost lingered still on the grass at 9:30 when I took my first break. Tonight will be a chilly one, perfect for the disguise I plan to wear while passing out candy:

(Photo credit: Yours truly)

My gratitude goes to the sheep and alpaca who made it possible.

In making this hat, I became irrevocably addicted to the show Supernatural. The well hadn’t run dry, though; words have flowed here and there, some of them into post drafts.

Yes, I have post drafts to work through. Some of that material is good for posting, but when you squeeze in a few minutes here and then save the remainder for a few minutes there, it’s not surprising when one day you open the dashboard and it’s drafts all the way down the first page, its insistent refrain of “Daily Haiku” straining the eyes like a mile of chain link fence.

Ticking and clicking, with silent keys and roaring thoughts: that’s how I’d like to spend my days, but I have aways and aways to go before I get there. I only hope I’ll make it in one piece.

Until then, I’m rocking this adventure the best way I can.



    • Wow — thanks for the heads-up. I’ll have to check into that. You know what’s funny is that I get these from a creative commons group, so you’d think there wouldn’t be a problem with them.

      addendum: I skimmed through that guy’s photos, it looks like he must have just gotten rid of it. I found one similar to it that I considered using, but I found this one on the same group and I like it better. πŸ™‚

  1. Truly excellent poetry and a great encouragement for toughing it out until spring. Love that last line! And wow, that is one impressive hat! Amazing work all around! πŸ™‚

  2. Snorting with abandon and glee! Now that *IS* one fantastic hat – so creative and hey, hand knit to boo – er – horn? LOL awesome. Well I suppose you could always wear this on terribly cold days – or when out running – great protection from cold air hitting the lungs – which is never good.

    LOL – still smiling at the hat. πŸ˜€

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