Daily Haiku 2014.11.06 —

(Image credit: Tiny Garden by Gido)
(Image credit: Tiny Garden by Gido)


what we see
belies the extent —
hidden giants


No, this isn’t another post about massive mushrooms — if you want to read that one, check it out at my post It’s Not Magic: Mushrooms Can Change Our Experience. It’s actually quite fascinating.

This is a reminder that behind the general façade of every person who performs a function — every post office or grocery store clerk, behind every contractor, every janitor, every worker in every trade and business in the whole demesnes of this reality, lies a person of unbelievable depth and complexity. There’s a person who used to dream, very likely of being something more than what they are today. You can not understand the entire skill set of a single person, what they are capable of, or the things they once dared to dream and now aspire to achieve.

That’s all I’ve got!


  1. Beautifully stated, friend ! =) Glad to see your words pop up in my reader this morning… =) …”the things they once dared to dream…” ! Love how you can take an idea and with a few choice words, bring depth of meaning to the table. Has anyone told you yet today that you are awesome ? Well… consider yourself informed. =)

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