Tanka Today 2014.12.08 —

(Image credit: Mathilde AUDIAU)


flame colored
trees baring their limbs —
an act of penitence
both lovely and bleak


I’m a little disappointed in myself; I was unable to get out and take wintry snow pictures this weekend as I had planned to do. You know how it goes: things caught up to me and had to be done, then I worked Saturday afternoon, then chores on Sunday until something came up at the very last second . . . and I failed. But I meant what I said, and I still mean to get out and get pictures, if I can find the time and the right place.

Here in Bismarck we’re in one of those phases right now where the snow melts some, and it’s neither white Christmas-y nor green. Patches of snow still linger in yellow brown grass, and what stands out most is all the garbage that careless, lazy people throw all over the ground, as though the medium is a dissatisfied mixture of trash and dirty snow.

I’d take a couple inches of white powder right now, or a scene like the one above.

A little superordinary adventure.


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