Haiku Today 2015.04.03 —

Baby geese
(Image credit: Sean Winters)

striding youth:
pioneers of truth —



Some days I don’t understand kids. At almost three years, my daughter makes every attempt to become Iron Fist #1 — saying no, telling us to stop, telling us it is time to go home . . .

This child is really adamant. It amuses me, more than anything; to think that Little Miss would assume that we would do whatever is commanded of us. Maybe it is worth a shot, when we’re at that point in life.

Goodness knows we don’t typically push like that as adults; those that do wind up in charge, because aggression tends to trump competence. Bullies tend to rule.

Is this world just a bigger version of a school playground?

Something to consider over this weekend.
(Daily Post prompt: Three Letter Words | Header image by Alan Levine)


  1. Consider it considered. YES, and the school playground is just a bigger version of the family dynamics in the home. Your daughter sounds wonderful – strong and smart! ๐Ÿ™‚

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