Haiku Today 2015.04.04 —


(Image credit: pawpaw67)

contents aglow,
when opened reveals
arcane glory


How do you get your blog face on?

I’d like to say I sit down to this with a plan every time, like one of those people who can plan a whole month’s worth of posts at a time, but the stark reality is that I’m always flying by the seat of my Captain America lounge pants. What’s worse is that I wedge it into the awkward, available moments — those moments when normal people feel free to bust out a book to keep from being bored, my mind is racing, groping for some conceptual thread that will map me through another blog post.

Recently, I find myself finishing at very late hours because that’s all the time I have, and so I’m then racing the clock, first to write and then to read, revise, and re-read, then revise again, and I’m looking at the clock every few minutes going “crap, I have X minutes to post.”

Only this isn’t about deadlines. The world isn’t all about deadlines, despite what they would have us believe; although it’s past midnight now, it’s still going to be April 4th for nearly four hours in Adak, Alaska.

I feel like chasing time is my second job, sometimes.

(Header image by Alan Levine)

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