Haiku Today 2015.04.06 — We’re not in Kansas Anymore!

pink bloom by Johnson Cameraface
(Image credit: Johnson Cameraface)


crowding in
gawkers on the scene
with held breath


Do you ever feel like a change would do you good?

I keep trying to think of ways to spice up the routine here on Rob’s Surf Report, but then life interrupts me with dumb things like work and sleep. I made a photo post this past Sunday for the first time in forever, which was a refreshing change, but sometimes it seems like something more drastic could really get the juices flowing — like, what if I switched blogs with someone for a week?

This isn’t something real I’m doing, but consider the implications: a different blog is a different frame for the writing impulse. First of all, if you are a serious blogger posting to someone else’s blog, you’d be more likely to post regularly over the course of the week. You’d also be more likely to craft posts of a higher quality than usual. Is it a competitive streak that compels you to do so, or the wish to respect the other blogger’s space? Does that really matter? We are so often the first to let ourselves lapse. As unforgiving as we are to ourselves sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to giving up, or rationalizing inaction in our own lives; but to work in another blogger’s space then holds you responsible for what they find when they return, and so over the short term this could spark a renaissance in work ethic for a floundering blogger.

Of course, this is where Murphy’s Law can come into play. I could be that person that — with all good intentions — orchestrates a switcheroo, only to be forced by unforeseen circumstance to forego blogging for the duration of the week. Whoops! “No big deal,” they say. “Don’t worry though, I took good care of your blog for you. Great idea, by the way.” Only slightly better would it be to be that person who does the right thing, only to find that their counterpart has not blogged at all, for whatever reason. In that situation you get your money’s worth in a mental change-up, while your own blog languishes.

All that aside, though, who would I like to switch blogs with?

Film poster for Freaky Friday - Copyright 2003...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not even sure where to start. To avoid a Freaky Friday of blogging, I’d want to pick something where I’m comfortable slipping into someone else’s shoes. JED’s Okay, What If? is worth a mention, since I have been trying to curate a list of topics for a while: stuff that I never get around to addressing, but that would make good What If fodder, like ‘what if an entire football team was body-snatched?’ or ‘what if an army of shoemaking elves decided to protest Footlocker?’

Now that they’re down on the page, I’m not so sure they’re all that great, but those are just two I threw down; so I think I could enter the What If arena if I only had the time. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself though, since last weekend was Easter and the last I knew, I am able to contribute to that site already. I should do that soon.

To avoid the risk of going overlong here, though, I’m just going to say that there’s already a certain element of the stage to one’s own blog, let alone to assuming control over someone else’s. That would involve getting into a different character, and then interpreting another’s work through your own work. Maybe I could trust myself to do that for another, maybe not. Maybe I could trust him or her to do a good job with my blog, or maybe I’d chew my nails the whole time. If I were given the option to switch blogs with someone for a week, I think I would do the right thing and decline, saying:


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“there’s no place like home!”

(Daily Post prompt: Switcheroo | Header image by Alan Levine)


  1. *snorting with laughter* — actually the 2 prompts you just threw down, in your speak, for Okay What if? are hysterical. I love the elves one! I can see a bunch of angry elves taking a Footlocker store hostage or something.But hey, everyone has their own personal slant on what makes them laugh or smile.

    As for shaking your own tree – well that’s entirely up to you. You’re the only one that can fill your own creative well – and yeah, you could and can and will – like all of us follies – use every excuse and even honest reasons for NOT. Not is a powerful er …. ball breaker? Well, you get the gist.

    Actually, I’d say this – if you think you’re bored – you probably are. So try reading “new blog spaces” – just randomly head off or check out someone’s blog roll and see what you find. Sometimes the best thing isn’t about putting on the comfortable sweats – it is the irritatingly tight suit that makes us have to check out something completely different – and who knows what you’ll find?

      • You know, it sounds too weird to me when you call me Mercy. So frickin’ odd. Anyhow … that’s what happens when one plays the hide and maybe you won’t find me game ….

        oh yeah, which bit? The actual post at Okay, What If? or reading other stuff?

        Anyhow … here’s a link for you:
        It’s a place I’ve found a while back – and there are weekly prompts – and all sorts meet up – and there full week deadlines – and even if you don’t want to participate, if you follow some of the prompt entries, you’ll come across some pretty awesome creatives and spaces.
        Maybe it’ll help you – it did me.


        • Checking out other stuff, is what I was referring to. The What If thing is more of a pre-existing intention, and will happen if I can do what I want and start writing short-short fiction again. Call it a hopeful inevitability.

          I’ve actually found a writing prompt subreddit that I’ve been keeping up in my browser for a rainy day, so there is that. I’ll check out this link too!

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