Haiku Today 2015.04.08 —

(Image credit: Kevin Dinkel)

vast ocean:
surface lord, humbly
washing feet

You know, I tried to knock out a story today.

I really did try. I found an idea that appealed to me, I started with an intriguing opener, and then I tried to get in a little more during my first break, and my lunch . . . and then life had to get involved. Things at work, things outside of work — the blogging seas get rough at times!

Sometimes I wonder if I care too much about blogging.  But can I be blamed, if the best way for me to express myself is through the written word, for wanting to pursue a daily writing habit? What does it take to do that? Grit? Determination?


(Crossing fingers — I hope it’s not talent!)

(Header image by Alan Levine)


  1. Some days it’s just not possible – “the daily grind” gets in the way – and you have to accept that for what it is. And given the responsibilities you have – if I *know* correctly, your hands are kind of full – the move, the now 3 year old sweetie, etc., then time is of the essence.

    Sometimes the frustrations will just have to have their way, as opposed to your will. But then, strip it all down – and see, where and if it is possible to put in the time, other than in snatches here and there, so you can maybe get some writing done? Of course, “the muse” doesn’t always work on the same schedule, but we do the best we can – which is all we can do.

    Keep at it though – if it is your passion, even the smallest efforts will provide some comfort 🙂

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