A Tip of the Iceberg

and tide
making marks
etching on my face,
stone carvings under ice
made thicker from passing storms,
thunderstruck and glowing vibrant,
molten and forging new weapons with
resolution that this world will not fail

I don’t know if I have too much to say today. I’m getting ready to start a 4-week cycle of night shifts, and so this is when things can get a bit dicey. Spending my days attempting to sleep on an opposite schedule. Spending my nights off trying to stay busy, get things done, not go crazy. Last night I made it until about 4 am, working on a new batch of mead for February, I called it “Nova’s Cherry Pie”. I’m hoping it works out. I used a pound of malt in the hopes that it will infuse a sorty of pie-crusty flavor into the mix. This is also my first braggot, a fusion between mead and beer.

Anyway, having fallen asleep much earlier than I would have preferred, I am now awake much earlier than I would have preferred and I will have to make it through the night at work. The first Monday / Tuesday of nights are usually the worst. So I’m going to cross my fingers and look forward to sleep in the morning.

I pushed through this three-day weekend looking to get some things done, and I did. I didn’t get everything done. I bottled three gallons of mead. I started a new batch that is now sitting in my fermentation cabinet with a 5-gallon batch of Joe’s Ancient Orange and January’s “Persephobee” Pomegranate mead. I meant to design labels, I need to make a slide-out shelf for our cabinet and we’re going to put a vertical pot and pan rack on that. Despite the misses, it was a good weekend overall.

So now it’s time to tighten up the reins.

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