Saturday Jams: Gettin’ my Groove Back

Back in the Golden Age of Rob’s Surf Report, Rob was bitten; not by a radioactive lobster but by an idea to post a weekly article about a few songs that he really likes. There are so many possibilities that the series could go on forever, and so . . . Saturday Jams was born.

The rumors of Saturday Jams’ demise were greatly exaggerated; in fact, it just took time away from the page to attend to more tedious matters of day-to-day life and soon forgot that it had the duty to inspire the blogging world with music! Fortunately on this day, Saturday Jams was standing on the edge of its toilet hanging a clock; the porcelain was wet. Saturday Jams slipped, hit its head on the sink, and when it came to it had a revelation — a vision! A picture in its head! A picture of this! This is what makes time travel possible: Saturday Jams!

Well good dadgum! It’s been darn near seven years since I hit the keys looking to post a Saturday Jams! So I actually got the idea earlier when I was taking a shower after a half-hearted pulls workout — you know, deadlifts, barbell rows, curls, etc. I did try to make it a quality workout but I only had 1 episode (currently binging Castle, excellent show if you want to know and I’m in the fourth season) in which to complete a workout that I’ve mapped to about two hours in its entirety. This is old news though, because forty-five to sixty minutes is5y typically what I have before work on a working day. But I was rough from having a little too much to drink the night before while sorting out some nightmarish networking issues. Wiring the house with Ethernet: genius idea. Trying to figure out why two out of four devices at one drop hate the configuration? Might as well be pissing straight into the wind.

Anywho: I got the idea to post a Saturday Jams. Periodicals, that was my idea back in the Bobcat days to have a weekly post on my days off. These days, it may land more like every other week because in law enforcement — at least around here — we have a rotating schedule where I’m working a particular day of the week every other week. But I suddenly was whistling a Flogging Molly tune and was thinking ‘man, I should post a Saturday Jams!’ Then I thought I could do one on my favorite world music bands.

Well, the wife and I are on a date day for the first time in about a year. She had gone to drop the princesses off and I had managed to get in a workout and a shower in that time and she was coming back to pick me up so we could go see Uncharted at the theatre. Based solely on a single trailer and the cast list, we thought it looked fun. I have the option to play that game and I’ve never even played it. The movie was fantastic. We left the theatre, and as we were pulling away (the wife drives when we’re together) I was pre-ordering the movie on Vudu; it’s that good. And fun! Anyway, on the way out to the movie theater I peeked back through Saturday Jams posts. Oh man. I already did a post on Irish-style world bands. Oh man. I already did a post on Eastern European-style world bands.

Worse still, some of my videos are gone-zo now. Dang! I’m gonna go back and fix that. Best thing about YouTube these days is that Vevo is now there and that should fix the old problem I had with posting Vevo on WordPress. That being said, my idea was already done. I could update it, but I feel like there’s more I could hit without revisiting, revising, et cetera.

Now, I don’t care how crazy some people think I am. I will listen to just about anything that isn’t Kids Bop, Screamo, or Gangsta Rap. I am a musical sponge. I’m willing to give anything a fair shot and in reference to the aforementioned genres, I have ruled them out after giving them a fair shot. One is redundant and takes all the fun out of life, one is pure unintelligible noise and makes you feel like putting a bullet into the radio, and one just doesn’t line up with anything I believe in. But the road from Bach to Bad wolves is paved with so many songs and runs through so many genres that split into so many subgeres . . . it’s like the Yggdrasil of music. Today we find ourselves in a little subdivision of Disco that we know as Funk.

So I just decided that today, in celebration of getting my groove back . . .

We’re gonna groove tonight. Share the spice of life. Babies slice it, right? And that takes us straight into Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Here’s another hit, one that I first took notice of in the beginning of the movie I, Robot with Will Smith:

Of course, I can’t talk about Funk without addressing the elephant in the room: AWB. This is a standard. And I couldn’t help but notice that the bassist is a kilted brother!

And of course, we can’t look at Funk without including Parliament, George Clinton’s brainchild. Born in the 60’s, rooted in funk, psychadelic and sci-fi imagery, experimental fashion statements, P-Funk was way ahead of its time and so relevant in its time at the same time.

Fifth and final video today: I was debating a fun choice for the last one. Kool and the Gang, or Carl Douglas’ Kung Fu Fighting? Well, I for one have sweet, sweet memories of the latter, and I thought that was the best fun choice until I found this last video. Now, I really got into Funk at the same time that I got into Surf, and you can blame this all — and the whole ambience of this blog, for that matter — on the soundtrack for Quentin Tarentino’s Pulp Fiction. The songs thereon are largely a mix of Surf, Funk, and Rockabilly. But this video not only does justice to our last song, it takes the entertainment to a whole new level. I know I’ve made you read and watch so much to get to this point. Watch this one last video, it’s so worth it:

We will jam again
when thunder strikes and rain pours
on musical minds

Teapot. 😉


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