About Rob’s Surf Report:

Background image: Manly Beach by Alex Cheek
Header image: Eight Surfboards Lined up on Morro Strand State Beach 23 June 2009. by Mike Baird

Welcome to Rob’s Surf Report. My name is Rob, and you may call me Rob, Surfer Rob, Rob Lobster, Lobster, Rob Rossome, and I’m always open to some marvelous, new appellation.

If you happened to land here while looking for an honest-to-goodness surf report, you are in the wrong place for that. This is my blog, and it’s about . . . well . . . life. It’s about the ups and downs – the waves you catch and the ones you miss; the times you’re tossed and those triumphant moments where you stand tall, having mastered the forces of nature within and without. It’s about how the most exciting part is that regardless of whether you stand or wipe out, you can choose to come away exhilarated, with a little taste of it in your mouth, feeling as though you have been baptized. Forged in the fire of adventure.

This is a place where you’ll find a little bit of everything. I have a wide variety of interests – so many, in fact, that I have some trouble sticking with one thing. I write poetry, stories, and musings about life. I take photos and I appreciate the wonderful photography that generous souls make available for use under the Creative Commons license, for which I will ever be grateful. I draw, I create things through crafty means, and I play music. In short, I explore the world through creative means and I try my best to share some of that with the world through this blog. If you’re here to explore then you’re in the right place, and I hope that you find some interesting things to read; but I hope even more that you find something interesting to consider as you explore your own world. I hope that it drives you on and that it brings you back.

Here’s to a life of exploration.

Thank you for reading.


You may contact me any time at robssurfreport@gmail.com, or through one of the social media surfboards on the left side of this site.


  1. wow…seems we’ve got a good deal in common other than gem
    i help run the free press in houston ..putting on the biggest live music fest in the state http://www.fpsf.com
    also…im a certified nutritionist…i teach judo and jiujitsu…and am attempting my first novel.

    hopefully we have a lot of ideas to gain from each other.
    i always look for the best thing that happened in my day (because i tend to be pessimistic and too much of a realist)
    and i’m glad to say discovering your blog is my best for today…this will be permenantly recorded in a handwritten journal i keep…..looky there you just went down in very unfamous history!
    hope you and your family are having a great sunday!

    • Aww, well thank you! We have been enjoying the crap out of today, hopefully you and yours are as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing soon!

    • You did fine, Sandra. 🙂
      Wordpress has a weird system where if I approve your comment once, you’re good to go, but for some reason I have to approve every. single. pingback. It gets a little frustrating for the wait, but at least I get to read all of them!

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