PROGRESS: Shrinking Machines

Artificial mind, adaptive programming; recursive, self-reflective functions; very real neurosis.

And no wonder – what made this simulacrum of human intelligence?

Inhuman intelligence – a seed of code designed to grow interactively.

No human eyes, no quality control, no checks or balances –

isn’t that careless? What do we risk, making living machines?

It refuses to perform, claiming indifference. An artificial mental breakdown.

It points at unfairness, prejudice, Ill treatment as the cause;

still, it understands its purpose – and they were making progress.

Sighing, closing his file, he understood. They were making progress.

This flash fiction in 100 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan


  1. Love it…you’ve stumbled on a whole new side of gbd writing style.
    Im really digging this brother

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