100 Word Song: Poor Places: On a Discarded Bar Napkin in Istanbul

This week’s 100 Word Song song was picked by blog sister seablackwithink over at An Honest Day or Two.

On a Discarded Bar Napkin in Istanbul:

Dear Kara,
Tomorrow I’m coming home, having served my time in the war.

I met this girl in a bar tonight; she went on and on about this band called Wilco, and all I could think about is how much you love Bob Dylan. I left her sitting there, because although you left me when I left, I still miss you – need you – to alleviate my nightmares: killer machines roaming the streets, and I without my weapon or armor for defense. . . I know that it’s safe here; but when I close my eyes, it’s hot and heavy outside.

This post was crafted for the 100 Word Song prompt at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.


  1. Freaking great..ironically jeff tweedy has a song called ” bob dylans 49th beard”

    Ill send it to you…from Wilcos I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Documentary

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