Haiku: Autumn


autumn dawn
(Photo credit: Kito von Visceral)

Mornings grow colder –
rushing to get out the door;
preparing for snow.


      • yeah – that One ….. ughhhh …. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

        don’t ask me why I’m laughing – I don’t find it particularly humorous ……

        *wanders off in a daze*

          • Some years yes, others no …. the first year I moved up here to the mountains ,,,, it started to *S* the 3rd week of November and didn’t let up until the beginning of April.

            I’m not kidding …. every.single.day. there was some amount of *S*. Sometimes just an inch or two – sometimes a foot or more. It just didn’t stop – by the end – I was crazy despondent.

            (Lol – don’t ask me why I’m laughing)

            Other years, it’s really manageable.

            They can forecast and long-term project – but we’ll never know until it happens – and then, what can you do? (shrugging)

              • roflmao …. I think you may have hit the nail right on the head …. hadn’t thought about it this way until you brought it up …..

                • Well, my best friend in high school, his mom laughed defensively, and I didn’t realize what she was doing until I heard about it somewhere – what they actually referred to was “laughter as a defense mechanism” and when I looked deeper it clicked, because she’d say something and she’d laugh and I’d think, that wasn’t funny, why is she laughing? And the creepiest thing about it was her eyes; she always looked kind of scared when she laughed like that. The eyes really do say a lot, and it’s moments like those that exemplify the phrase “mixed signals”. Anywho, when you say “I don’t know why I’m laughing as I write this”, that’s what I’m reminded of. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I’m sure you’re not quite that bad; his whole family was weird. Every single one of them was obsessed with something, one of his sisters with the Monkees (especially Mickey Dolenz), the other with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, his mom with UFO phenomena, and his dad made monsters in the basement. And him? A lot of different things.

                  I’m sorry, this is turning into a whole ‘nother post!

                  • Lol — that’s okay.

                    Yeah, I could see how my defensive laughter tripped you off into these memories … but no worries, nothing crazy weird happening here …. it’s just that winter is particularly difficult for me, what with my physical problems, so mentally, I feel slightly – okay – alot – defeated even before it’s begun. So I laugh in a weird kinda way.

                    All good ๐Ÿ™‚

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