Haiku: Cycles


English: Ruins of Inishmacsaints
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All things good come from,
and all things bad return to,
the ground underfoot.

This post was prompted by the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge.


  1. This picture looks like my vacation in Ireland. A beautiful spot wherever it is. Like your post – that’s why I like to walk.

  2. When you get there . . . start with body surfing. No awesome looking board, but it’s just you, the ocean, the molecules, the ions, the kelp (Go West, Young Man!) and whatever else is in there. It’s so real. I don’t know how to sure, but I don’t wear a wetsuit either. I just go. Take it easy in the beginning unless you have always dreamed of being caught in a washing machine spin cycle. Waves come in sets. Don’t forget.

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