Haiku: Absolute


English: Alleyway in London.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All things are lovely,
regardless the beholder
or their perception.

This post was prompted by the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge.

9 thoughts on “Haiku: Absolute”

  1. I feel a bit guilty about all the super haikus that everyone has written, you included. I made a feeble attempt yesterday, but it is not my thing and I would love to read them all, but there are over 500 entries and I would never be able to give everyone justice. I just pick some out that I can. Well done on your work.

  2. Ditto, nice swiss/anglo lady. I tend to zero in on my favorites, too.
    Surf-man: Again you triggered some musical synapse. I know you’re terribly young, but perhaps you know who sang, “Everything is (something) in it’s own way.” Sounds like a Stevie Wonder, but I ain’t sure. Cheers.

    1. Yeah, it wasn’t that song. This one was inspired by Confucius. “Everything has it’s beauty, though not everyone sees it.”

      I happen to have the eye, so I can appreciate that sentiment.

      1. “I happen to have the eye,”
        he said with a sigh.
        “Ah, cursed spite,
        that ever I was born to set it right.”

        Thanks for correction. Yeah, Stevens. “Bind.” Bull.

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