Haiku: Investigation


English: Question Mark (Polygonia interrogatio...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asking a question
will do more to enlighten
than any answer.

I think my chaotic season is finally coming to a close. My office is usable and the new Clan Ross home is coming together. I hope to be able to get back to a blogging routine even as we begin to make plans to plumb in our own laundry machines in the basement (where they belong – not in the kitchen,) install a gas oven/range (not electric,) a dishwasher (not me,) new countertops, new flooring, painting, tear out EVERY INCH of carpet, blah blah blah blah and thank goodness I don’t have to do most of that. Mme Ross has friends and family that love to paint and do linoleum and all that good stuff, leaving me to square away the budget, bring home the paycheck, and wait patiently for us to finally get our garage, which we are renting out the the previous owner’s grandchildren, who are focusing on impending end-of-life concerns.

So I’m thinking, I need to start asking some questions in order to get my blogging habit rolling around again. Maybe some of the What If? variety. Stay tuned, as I have accepted a position as a contributor to a popular up-and-coming blog here on WordPress. Click that previous link to check that one out.

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  1. Glad that you have found a new home and are settling in. One day and moment at a time and I’m sure it will all be well. And remember, amidst all the moving and reno/repair chaos, have some fun. Take some time for you and your family; Call a time out!

    And congrats on being a new contributor over at JED’s 🙂

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