Haiku: Liaison


Neil deGrasse Tyson 10
Neil deGrasse Tyson 10 (Photo credit: Greyhawk68)

with a gift for connection —
Sagan’s worthy scion.

“There are political hot potatoes that could be settled or informed if we became more scientifically literate.”  ~Neil deGrasse Tyson

This post was prompted by the Genre Haiku Challenge on this blog. Follow that link to find out more and participate!

Here’s a fun fact: I don’t know a darn thing about Neil deGrasse Tyson, except that he’s awesome and hilarious, which is probably all I really need to know. I do kind of look up to this guy, because we share a lot of views on some of the world’s large, intertwined topics, not the least of which is the role a parent should play in their childrens’ lives and education and exposure to science. If you want to laugh, to think, and to be amazed, I suggest you follow him on Twitter; his username is @neiltyson.

He is featured in Parade Magazine today, where they happen to mention (as the overarching reason for the feature) that he will be hosting a new Cosmos miniseries that will show on Fox and National Geographic Channel. Those who saw the original series with Carl Sagan (I have not yet had the privilege, FYI) probably know that it was a huge thing. I’m hoping I at least get a chance to see the new series – at least then I would get something out of having full cable television for the first time in over a decade.

Neil deGrasse Tyson:  Master of the Universe | Parade Magazine (full article online and free to read!)
50 Awesome Quotes by Neil deGrasse Tyson | Twisted Sifter

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