Daily Haiku 2014.04.27 —

(Image credit: wyncliffe @ Flickr)

seagull’s barking cry
waters crashing                                         
                                         rock-strewn spray
scents the air

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        • I’m like two days in, kid — give me a little time! However, I definitely ruled out text editing in the WordPress app on my Nook; it’s actually easier on my phone, which is sad but the N. is still awesome.

          I have enough tools to do what I need on the go. I’ve found that Flickr is tricky to work with in the mobile paradigm, but it’s got so many groups geared toward Creative Commons photography that (as you may have noticed) it’s my typical go-to source for pics. Then I have a wikimedia commons app that I still need to dip into. The big deal is being able to get a url for the desired picture in addition to the source link, and then adding media from a url, which can’t be done the easy way from the WordPress app. To get around that I made a keyboard shortcut in my phone’s settings for “ximg” that puts in the chunk of code for the picture and caption with placeholders for the fields for the image url, source url, caption, etc.

          I keep meaning to write a post on keyboard shortcuts for mobile bloggers.

  1. I will admit, you lost me after the first paragraph ! =)

    I know I was jumping the gun a bit with the question, but wanted you to know that your loyal readers are rooting for you. =)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my photo with your haiku. It is for this reason I always put my photos on a Creative Commons (CC0 actually) license. The idea someone can use what I have done and adds to it is very rewarding. And while the license I use means you don’t have to acknowledge me in anyway, it is very nice to be acknowledged! Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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