Daily Haiku 2014.04.28 —

Feather easily
(Image credit: Gerhard Singer @ Flickr)

feathers fall

Apollo’s warning:

pack light


I really thought I might have something to say today, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe I’m preoccupied with catching up on blog reading, or maybe I just trust that all my peeps are having a decent Monday. Try to enjoy life for the adventure that it is, even when it seems a bit humdrum, the weekend was just a single day long, and you’re looking down the long hall of another treacherous workweek; because even though it doesn’t seem quite adventurous, we still go out there every day and give it the good old heave-ho, and you never know — any moment something unexpected can come out of left field and knock you out of the clear blue sky. No matter how much you expect it to stay the same, the potential for change is enormous.

Adventure. So do your best to let the ordinary be and look for the extraordinary in it all; you might just find yourself enjoying this adventure.



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