Daily Haiku 2014.04.29 —

White Dandelion
(Image credit: Redbull Trinker @ Flickr)


dandelion —
hold fast the children
in grass walls


“Daddy! Kokkar!”

This is what my daughter said to me last night, a wondrous look on her face as she held up a part of a graham cracker for me to see. I had just gotten home and was sorting out the weekend’s receipts for entry into the ledger. The mere fact of the cracker’s existence is but a dust mote in the mind of an adult, but my daughter is approaching two years old and so it is hers; and she wants to show it to me and let me know it’s hers because she’s proud of it.

And it’s priceless.


  1. How awesome when they come running with something to say ! =) =) Enjoy this magical time with your little bunny… ! Love the haiku as well…

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