Tanka Today 2015.03.26 —

(Image credit: Martin Fisch)


jungle’s germ
defies desert soil —

the chain reaction
is unstoppable.


Throwback Thursday: Writing About Something

Where does the time go, that time I once had in dribs and drabs — that time I once stole, that once was slated for production with ideas in mind? Did the river run dry?

Did the dunes come from nowhere, like the waves of an Ocean’s   -1   — rising, cresting, falling like water as the Sun grew hotter with ire for inspiration’s slaughter burning in my eyes?

It was a sandstorm, and it came as it went.


peeking through . . .

the hint of something

hidden for a bit, but not gone forever.

“Go ahead; take it and run.”

I am a Time Thief,


(Header image by Alan Levine)


  1. Ooh, I love this one, Rob ! =) “The chain reaction is unstoppable”… fantastic ! I like that you seem to channel the words I need to remember, and always in such an interesting light. =) Yup, you’re the BOMB ! =0

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