Genre Haiku Challenge 2014.02: Romance

Genre Haiku Challenge 2014.02: Romance

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Well, well – here we are in another month of genre haiku! How are we doing, friends and wordsmiths? Are we up for a real challenge this month? I hope so, because it’s February, the month where we celebrate black history, Presidents, and Valentine’s Day. And since the only ones who will ruin our lives if we forget are our valentines, the true rocks upon which our constitutions stand and who have set us free at last, I choose as this month’s genre to be . . . romance!

Okay, that was like: half groan, half cheer. What the heck? If you’re not into it, I’ll challenge you to write about love. If you’re really into it, I’ll challenge you to do it while curbing your enthusiasm, because this challenge comes with a caveat: let’s keep it clean with a PG(-13?) rating. This is just not that kind of blog, you know! Give us love that inspires, love that hopes for a brighter future, and the romance of our souls in community with our own – haiku are about nature, so show us the nature of romance for its own sake.

A great example of romance haiku ( <— Click there ) was submitted early in last month’s Biography Genre Haiku challenge; it comes from JED of JED’s Playhouse and Okay, What If?.

Here’s the usual simple rules:
-> tag your post #RSRgenrehaiku so I can find them in case something’s gone horribly wrong
-> post as many times as you want all month long (technically you can for up to ninety days from today. Feel free to post later if you’d like.)
-> Check back on the first of March for the next Genre Haiku Challenge!

If you like, you can check out the previous Genre Haiku challenges, and you can still participate in them, too. Wanna take a stab at it? (If you’re disappointed I didn’t make this Presidential or Black History haiku month, please feel free to post on the biography haiku challenge page. I’d still love to read them!)
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